Version 3

A new chapter..

"This is one of the best stacking programs I have used. And the easiest..."
(About AstroStack 2: quote from a user at

More than four years ago AstroStack was one of the first, free programs to enhance digital video and photography.
Since then many amateur astronomers have discovered the combination of modest equipment, cheaply available cameras and the right software. And achieved results they never thought possible.
Compare the best amateur photos of today with professional photographs made with the worlds most expensive telescopes and the 'old' chemical film process some years ago, and you'll agree that a revolution has swept through the amateur astronomers backyard.

During the past four years AstroStack has undergone several changes and continues to be a popular program despite new programs becoming available.

We continue to serve your needs the best way possible and decided to take AstroStack a step further. Improve support, increase functionality and also cater for the communities of Linux and Macintosh users.

Hard work has been put into redesigning AstroStack to make it more extensible, up-to-date and future-proof. It will handle grayscale as well as fullcolor images. All built on a robust, future-proof architecture.

We are committed to continuously improve the functionality, have a fast turnaround time for updates and new developments and provide a high level of support. In return for our full-time dedication to AstroStack, the full functional version will be priced according to the value provided. A free demo will still be available however.

Screen shots

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